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This website relates to the Wargames Research Group (WRG) and the people involved in it, in particular Sue Laflin-Barker and Phil Barker. Currently the sections within the site are:-

If you wish to contact us, you may email to phil or sue (depending which of us you wish to contact) @ wrg.me.uk

www.wargamesresearchgroup.net Website relating to the company "Wargames Research Group Ltd"
History of W.R.G. This contains a history of the Wargames Research Group and pdf-versions of many of the out-of-date rules and army lists, useful for anyone interested in the way in which these rules have developed.
Susan Laflin-Barker This is Sue's website
Phil Barker This is Phil's website.
REG Games Ltd This displays information about the company REG Games (Sussex) Ltd which was founded in 1969 by Phil Barker and "BOB" O'Brien to produce and sell the books from Wargames Research Group and has now ceased trading.